Joker Xue  薛之謙 while a huge name in China and Taiwan is not as prominent overseas. he has been active for more than a decade but never really picked up until recent years. I have a enormous amount of respect for him, not only for his music but also for the amount of obstacles he has overcome to reach where he is today. Perhaps he is able to sing and express the emotions through his music today because of a difficult past. For much of his career, he struggled to make a living and looked at other industries to support his music. Today Joker is not only known as a talented singer and composer but a pretty skilled businessman as well. When things were difficult even after five albums, he opened multiple hot pot restaurants that have been very successful. While business is bustling, he still pushed his music forward and used this business to support his music ventures which is now a huge success.

Joker has music of various styles reflecting on his versatility but his most memorable pieces are the ones of the haunting combination between his deep voice and dark tones and beats paired with beautiful music videos. His voice has the capacity to carry and express the torture of very difficult and out of reach love, making his music and performances very enjoyable to listen to.

Here is two of his more well known pieces

Yes as you can see Joker is one of a handful of Chinese artists who has generated a substantial amount of YouTube views. It’s common for American or K-pop artists to have high YouTube views but for Chinese artists it’s more rare as YouTube is only a tertiary marketing tool especially since it’s inaccessible in their home country where most of the main audience resides.

Here’s one for some contrast. This song’s upbeat character was rather unexpected after listening to playlists and playlists of his darker music.

And here is one last piece, it’s a less popular song but one that I like to listen to very much.

Interestingly, despite his rather serious and somber composure in his music, on TV Joker is quite comedic and very entertaining. I remember listening to his music and then seeing him on some music variety shows without knowing it was him because there was such a large contrast. But while he likes to poke fun at a lot of people, he really is a caring person for those around him. Joker is the perfect combination of talent, comedy, and character, I hope one day to be able to meet him!

If you’re interested to watch some of the shows he either performs or judges on, they are:

蒙面唱将猜猜猜 II The Masked Singer Season 2
see if you can guess which masked singer he is!

He was on one episode of Come Sing with Me 我想和你唱 where sings and interacts with some fans. There you can see the stark contrast between the way he sings and the way he acts.

His 2018 New Year’s performance was also spectacular, you can watch it here.

I think the woman is Jiang Shu Yin, one of my favorite actresses but I’m not 100% sure. It looks exactly like her though.


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