[Brown Sugar Picks] Mao Bu Yi毛不易 – A Person Like Me像我这样的人

Mao Bu Yi is a very interesting artist where while all the aspiring stars were striving to be unique and different, he is very honest and almost prideful of how ordinary he is. But what isn’t ordinary, are his voice and lyrics. He first appeared on the music competition show, The Coming One 明日之子 where he thoroughly impressed judges with his self composed songs. He arranges simple words into stories that the audience can really relate to and in a way one word that can be used to describe his music would be inclusive. Mao Bu Yi is basically singing the emotions and experiences of many ordinary people that are trying to survive in this world. The best part of it all is that he doesn’t actually write to impress anyone, music is his own method of sharing his feelings and stories.

This is actually his less popular song and honestly the composition of this piece isn’t all that impressive BUT because of the lyrics, you will be more engrossed to the actual words he’s telling you rather than the tune of the melody. This song I think really captures the frustration and despair of the disconnection between our perceived value of ourselves versus the situations we find ourselves in. While we’re all afraid of being ordinary, the reality is that we are one of millions that think the same way.

The line that really got me was the last one: 像我這樣莫名其妙的人,會不會有人心疼 which roughly translates to, ‘Would anyone’s heart ever yearn for a baffling person like me’.


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