[NEW RELEASE] aMEI張惠妹 feat. LaLa徐佳瑩, Eve Ai艾怡良 – 傲嬌Catfight

When the bass starts to bang, you know the song is going to be pretty epic especially when it’s by aMEI張惠妹 featuring LaLa 徐佳瑩, and Eve Ai艾怡良. That’s a pretty potent trio. It was interesting to see LaLa in a darker, menacing mode as she muffles the store manager of the luxury fashion store they invade. It’s quite a bit of a contrast from her ethereal feel in her recent album Inner Me. In the music video you see the three women in the fashion store sneering at each other and sometimes becoming violent. They get cozy with the store employees before knocking them out and vandalizing the space. The concept of the song was thought of by Eve Ai who was having writer’s block until she stumbled upon the movie, The Witch. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, it plays on jealousy, grudge, and toxic rivalry.

Interesting fact: Apparently, the three guys that look the same in the music video wasn’t a special effect, those are actually triplets, the Luu Brothers, that look the same!

螢幕快照 2018-01-18 上午124735


Props to aMEI, even after so many years, she still is always pushing for new styles of music and killing it like a queen!

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