[NEW RELEASES] Jam Hsiao蕭敬騰 – Pi Nang皮囊

The concept of Pi Nang皮囊 is a gesture to the superficiality of society that often puts outer appearances at a higher pedestal than inner beauty. Jam Hsiao蕭敬騰’s purpose was to encourage people to pay more attention to their character and that our pretty looks is only just a shallow layer on the outside.

If you’ve been caught up with the hype of his new song, you probably already heard about his complicated, advanced high notes that he constantly belts out in the song. I look forward to hearing it in a live performance.

It’s always interesting to see Jam all reserved when around people and the play the opposite end of a loud, rambunctious rocker when holding a microphone. It’s a wonder as to how someone’s voice can be at an ultimate pianissimo when talking but complete fortissimo when singing.

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