Hebe田馥甄 is one of my favorite Taiwanese artists. I grew up listening to S.H.E and couldn’t be more excited when each member branched out a little to nurture their own styles of music. I’ve followed her music since she did her first solo. Each of her songs are very different from each other but all have her distinct color imprinted in them, and they feel wholly hers. It’s difficult to imagine anyone else singer her songs with the same feelings without having to modify it. Another great thing about Hebe that I really respect is that she doesn’t only sing about love but also about the world in general. Her music always follows her heart, she doesn’t intentionally follow the commercial way.

Here was the first song she debuted with as a solo artist, LOVE!

每個人都愛別人,不愛自己      Everyone loves someone else, they don’t love themselves

I adore this song and love the general mood of the video with the soft drumming in the back to elevate the life of the tune. While all the animals might seem a it random, it suits the music very well. Notice how while she is singing about love, a very common topic, she uses a broader world view and perspective to look at it, calling out how what everyone calls ‘love’, isn’t making anyone happy.

Here is another song for some contrast. Learning From the Drunk不醉不會, yes great title.

The melody is very unique dynamic and I love the intense color splashes and combinations in the video. After trying to sing this song in karaoke, I can tell you it is very difficult to sing. I applaud Hebe’s stylist immensely for his or her balls . It’s not easy to match and pull off that much make up and color without it looking tacky at all and instead, very fashionable. You have to admit, no one can make a convenience store looks as classy and cool as Hebe can (though Seven Elevens in Taiwan are bomb and amazing).

Here is Too Late來不及 for a more rocker life version of herself with a very different tone. Her voice and aura is like a chameleon able to bend for different styles of music.

I will be uploading more of her music as the week moves. Enjoy!

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