[BROWN SUGAR PICKS] HEBE田馥甄 – Insignificance 渺小

When Insignificance渺小 was released a few years ago by our featured artist of the week Hebe田馥甄, it was quite haunting at first and became very meaningful. It really spoke volumes about the kind of artist Hebe was and was striving to become. Insignificance is a song written from a very broad world view and awareness. An awareness that we are all very insignificant when seen from the perspective of the world. She apologizes and thanks the world for all it’s love, hate, nature, and soul. One of the elements that makes this song so unique is the ugly juxtapositions that people of society like to shy away from.

‘Why do the most prosperous cities bring the loneliest polar bears?’
‘Why do the most innocent children walk through the dirtiest landfills?’

But there is also an optimistic side to it all. Throughout the song Hebe notes the contrast in the world, how the most ugly lets you see the most beautiful and vice versa.

At the end of the video, she recites a poem of humility, ‘Under One Small Star/Pod jedną gwiazdką’ from Polish poet, Wisława Szymborska. After listening to albums about trite and basic love songs, Insignificance came as a fresh breath of air. In the video, she’s like a midnight winter goddess singing in the polar winds.

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