Talk about a hot performance of 男孩Boy! Liang Bo樑博 was the winner of the first season of The Voice of China, and while many old contestants are attending new music shows, for him to come onto Singer歌手, I know for sure he is of a certain caliber. I hold this show in pretty high regard because of the people they normally bring in. I’ve never come across a mediocre performance on here, even Jessie J herself has joined 2018 Singer.

A lot of people have great voices but not everyone has the attitude you need for a song. Liang Bo has that attitude not only in his husky voice but also in the way he bangs those piano keys. Every chord he hammers helps elevate the desperate emotion in his story. It’s the slight imperfections in his voice that make this performance so perfect, you would never be able to achieve the same feeling in a recording studio.

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