[NEW RELEASES] 彭佳慧 Julia Peng + 熊仔 – 關你屁事啊 None of Your Business

Legendary Taiwanese singer, 彭佳慧 Julia Peng released this song,  ‘關你屁事啊 None of Your Business’ a few weeks back featuring 熊仔Xiong Zi, rapping. There’s a really nice groovy jazz tone throughout the whole song making it quite delightful to work to. I also love the name of it. They were a little tame with the translation. In certain circumstances it would translate to “what the f*ck does it have to do with you’. Despite being from an earlier generation, Julia never loses her groove!

As a designer and musician myself I love seeing iconic designer furniture in music videos. I knew exactly where that pig table came from the second it showed. It is a furniture piece designed by Front Design but released through Moooi. If the red lips sofa they have is real, then it’s another famous furniture piece as well.

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