[NEW RELEASES] 彭佳慧 Julia Peng + 范瑋琪 Christine Fan – 我們真的幸福了嗎 Can We Believe In Love

‘我們真的幸福了嗎 Can We Believe In Love’ is a collaboration between two queens彭佳慧 Julia Peng and 范瑋琪 Christine Fan (Fan Fan). The song is more of a dialogue between the two mothers about the attachment to the idea of a fairy tale ending versus reality. The actual translation of the name of the song is ‘Are we really happy’, if it makes it easier for you to connect the dots. Fairy tale endings aren’t the only kinds of happiness, and if that’s the story you’re always expecting, then you might really not be happy.

I was slightly confused at one point but the end pretty much solidified the song’s meaning. In the end Julia says, “公主為了幸福悄悄收起她的玻璃鞋for her happiness, the princess puts away her glass slippers”. Both Julia and Fan Fan are known in the music industries as very dedicated mothers who always seem very happy to put in the hard work to make their children happy and grow up well. While they’re lives might be different from a story book, it is happiness nonetheless.

Throughout the MV Luo Bei An羅北安 acting as a chef uses the ingredients they’re cooking with as metaphors of love and life. Their meal is dubbed, “the happiness meal”. If you understand mandarin you might find his puns to be very interesting and actually quite reasonable. (I’m afraid I’ll butcher it if I try to translate it) This song is something that can only be created by these two very mature and loving woman, I have nothing but respect for them.


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