[BROWN SUGAR PICKS] Khalil Fong feat. Zion.T & Crush – 味道 Flavor


Good morning! Have you gotten a taste of Khali Fong and Zion. T & Crush’s ‘味道 Flavor’ (from a couple years ago)? It’s always nice seeing artists from different countries and languages collaborate. I forgot Zion.T and Crush were Korean and was so was confused when I started to hear Korean after the first chorus. This song has Khali’s classic jazzy R&B spirit with hints of styles from the other hemisphere.

The Korean language fits quite naturally with the piece. Many times, artists will try to shove a language into a song that doesn’t suit it, some of EXO M’s songs felt that way. They directly transformed their Korean songs into Chinese without consideration if it fit the language or not which resulted in awkward results.

The music video is pretty fun to watch. It’s got some nice detailed shots and an overall cool vintage feel at the retro diner.

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