[OG vs Cover] 讓我留在你身邊 Let Me Stay by Your Side – Eason Chan陳奕迅

First I want to establish that I know Eason Chan陳奕迅 is like a god. I’ve always thought of him to be an amazing musician. I didn’t expect to like renditions of his music more than the original but Zhu Yi Long朱一龍’s version of ‘讓我留在你身邊 Let Me Stay by Your Side’ in the show, PhantaCity幻樂之城, was really touching. PhantaCity is a very unique show where they invite artists to perform and sing in a film like setting. Everything is a one-take that they prepare for days before and film on site the day the show airs. I didn’t believe it at first that the performances in this show were live and filmed mostly on the spot. All the artists do an amazing job. There are some imperfections sometimes but that’s what makes it so good.

Zhu Yi Long’s performance was one of the my favorites in the whole show, the only thing I didn’t like was how little he sang! Even at one part where his tempo is off, it seemed intentional, because he’s singing a story not a song.

I think the main difference is the genre of the two versions. The original is more rock while Zhu Yi Long’s was acoustical, easy on the ears, lets you really just focus on his voice. I think both are great but I’m going to have to go with the non-original this time.

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