LAY: Give Me A Chance Music Video Review

Song Rating: 9.5/10 | MV Rating: 10/10

Lay’s Give Me a Chance music video is like every industrial designer’s dream. It is tastefully minimal but very stimulating at the same time. I won’t go in depth analyzing as I feel like just watching it will speak for itself. This is a great example of using architecture to do the work of set design while the talent just has to deliver how they usually do. Of course the smooth choreography is what ties this all together. Lay doesn’t require anything fancy. Take out the color and just have music and movement. His release of his album really cemented him as a true artist, not just another idol.

I also want to applaud the editor. They did a fabulous job, I replayed 0:48 mant times because that transition was just seamless!

Check out the Chinese version here!


I think the song matches Lay very well. It’s not something I would keep on repeat for a long time but I like the overall super clean music. I love the parts where he speaks after a line of singing. He has really demonstrated how underexposed his talents were when he promoted with EXO.


There’s nothing to nitpick about Lay’s dancing. He flows like water and has the perfect balance of sharp pops that connect to smooth moves.

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