SF9: RPM Music Video Review

Song Rating: 7/10 | MV Rating: 6/10

The MV rating is by no means the fault of the artists themselves. Their performance was great, the design can use some performance. While I respect the ambition, from an objective point of view, if you can’t create an expensive looking set with a small budget, don’t do it. It becomes a problem if the audience can tell you had a very limited amount of money to produce something. Instead of trying to use props to embellish and hold up the concept, use things like lighting to make up for what you don’t have in budget.


The song is actually not bad at all. I like the chorus and think the beat drop is pretty cool. Perhaps if I heard the song before I saw the music video, I’d have more of an affinity for it.


For this song, they went a direction that does not matches the song at all. I’m not a fan of this futuristic sci-fi style. RPM implies racing, raw speed, not missions in the galaxy. Sci-fi is one of those really tricky styles because it can easily look cheap and juvenile. Before I get into this, I want to emphasize there are pockets of good stuff in here, just as a whole I don’t think it was very successful. If I were to use one word to describe the design it would be: random.

The beginning seems to indicate they are on a mission in an intergalactic world. The opening dance set in galactic style is the first red flag. The issue here lies in the background. Behind the screen are these arbitrary blue lights that aren’t contributing anything other than cheapness. Every time the video snaps to this set, I am distracted by it. It’s like they had to fill that void and grabbed whatever seemed “futuristic” and cool. They should have extended the center screen to fill the whole background.

Notice the arbitrary blue lights behind the black screen

My philosophy with design that’s commercialized is: if you can’t make it great, don’t do it at all. The lighting here does not do the concept any justice. Admittedly dark sets can be hard to light the right way, this ambient lighting makes the artificiality more obvious. They should have done more spotlight/harsher, similar to the way SEVENTEEN did in Oh My! for the slumber party scene.

As someone who is sensitive to color, the sudden change in temperature was a throw-off. While you know from the beginning they are on a mission, this does not relate in style and color to anything you saw before. The whole outfit is completely different and definitely doesn’t reference any element of the space theme they’re going for. This is suddenly leaning towards TRON.

This over here is either an issue with not enough footage or an editing issue. They should not have captured the light source for a scene that’s supposed to be mysterious and intense. This gives away everything about the set. You see the film lights in multiple shots, it takes away from the immersive experience of the audience.

the light source is revealed

The problem here is the outfit design. Even though it’s just an empty hallway, it actually provides a lot of opportunities for some cool shots. Unfortunately the way they’re dressed with mismatched colors makes this look lazily put together.

With space themed sets, the key is to not get too ambitious with the quantity of colors. When you try to use too many colors, it ends up looking cheap. Over here is a good example of what to do. While they used a very bright color, it is the main color accent which goes well with the white of the set. The small accents of pink compliment it tastefully as well.

Notice here how you don’t need superfluous props to make a cool set. The lighting and colors do its job. The scenes where they’re with this simple background with contrasting colors and lights are my favorite. It does everything it needs to for the artists.

I highly advise against fake props that are supposed to be real like this very cheap looking gem stone. They could have a cool looking marble without all the glowing lights.

There is a lot of randomness to this MV. You have sets that come from nowhere and while they look cool individually, it feels like they just tried to slap together whatever gave the feeling of “intergalactic” and “futuristic”.

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