SF9: Good Guy Music Video Review

Song Rating: 9/10 | MV Rating: 9.5/10

Last time I reviewed SF9, I had slammed their RPM music video. I now see that all the budget went to ‘Good Guy’, so today let’s talk about their new, awesome music video! I want to credit the director, editor, and set designers.


I like that ‘Good Guy’ is catchy and memorable but not annoying nor obnoxious. The background track is more minimal with makes it easy on the ears.


This video is what I mean by having consistency through every shot and set until RPM. They chose the right concept this time, the classy gentlemen. Almost every set illustrated this point. Their sets were clean and neat with more muted colors. It demonstrated to be sophisticated, you do not need to make things complicated.

We open into an organized classic library of well dressed men. This is smart set design. If you pay attention throughout the rest of the video they use the same room but move around items so you feel like they’re somewhere else in the same house.

Look at how clean this dance set is! They use the same set for other scenes but rearrange the blue and gold chairs in the back.

Going black and white in high contrast was also a very smart choice as it created beautiful shapes and movement.

Throughout the video the members play against each other in multiple games. While these games are very common they portrayed them in a tasteful and clean way. It is consistent throughout the whole video. The props paired with the correct lighting do all the work.

The split screens was a create choice, showing different angles of each artists.

Applaud the cameramen and editor for taking good shots and placing them where they should be.

My only criticism would be this scene towards the end. I know there was a very loose storyline, battling for gold bracelets that led to this but it’s just too CGIed, it takes away from the rest of the video which was so carefully crafted.

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