[OG vs COVER] EXO: The Eve전야 破風

A new season of Youth with You in China means a new flood of cover performances by hard working trainees. This time one of the teams took on the challenge of performing EXO’s The Eve.

My personal opinion is that as a performance the girls were better, they shined brighter. They were more in sync and had more energy. Yes the girls were lip syncing but they’re just trainees and even if we put aside the vocal parts, there’s a huge difference in dance and just performance elements. Not to mention these trainees have very very little time to learn these routines.

For EXO, the issue isn’t just their dancing, they didn’t put in effort on facial expressions or gestures. To put it short, they don’t seem to be enjoying the stage. The only member that seemed to be putting in effort was Kai. EXO is undoubtedly better dancers than any of the girls but they did not exhibit their talents to the highest level for this. This was surprising as in the past their performances were fierce and full of life. The girls were instructed by Cai Xu Kun to pronounce their dance moves more and I think it worked well for them. Most of them really thought about their facial expressions and eyes while performing. Visually, it made all the difference especially with energy level.

For EXO, their issues were consistent with all their performances of ‘The Eve’. I went through some other performances, this seemed to be the best one where I believe they’re actually singing. They too had some lip-sync performances but were not up to standard. Normally I’d be more critical on established idols because they’re professionals but with SM artists I let it go because I know they’re probably overworked. They look very tired in all their performances of this song. I know normally their dancing and performance skills are top notch though.

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