BTS: Black Swan Music Video Review

Song Rating: 7/10 | MV Rating: 9/10

BTS came out with their MV for Black Swan recently. They went for a very different concept than usual, let’s see how it is!


I appreciate the song for what is and it has some nice moments but the melody isn’t my cup of tea. Individually everyone does their part well but the tune is leaning on the repetitive and monotonous side for me.


I actually really like the concept and set of this video. It looks like they borrowed a really nice ballet hall to film this which was a smart choice as they’re playing off the Swan Lake ballet. The background is very embellished so the artists themselves are dressed simply and use lighting and movement to convey what they want. Because this was filmed in one location, every scene is very cohesive and you do not feel randomness at any point.

Opening dance scene was beautiful. The spotlight on the members as the camera moves down is so fitting for this.

A constant theme you see throughout the video is the vastness of the environment in contrast with the members which works really well for this concept. They made the most out of the shooting location.

Some nice shots and angles.

I’m on the fence with the open wing scene. I get the swan reference but am not sure how necessary it was.

The mirrors scene was the one scene I felt like they could have done better. The temperature and lighting could have been a little different, not to mention the mirrors are dirty. Luckily it doesn’t take away from the rest of the video.


The dance routine is what makes this video, especially the parts with individual members dancing on their own. It was very expressive and much more contemporary than other Kpop choreographies.

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