[HIGHLIGHTS] 徐明浩 THE 8: Falling Down那幕

I was on this video around five minutes after it dropped on the 8th. THE8 or Xu Minghao never disappoints. He was always a very underrated artist and one of the members that gets the least amount of lines and exposure in SEVENTEEN so I’m really happy to see him come out with solo works. True to the reputation of SEVENTEEN, all the members are incredibly talented and can do just about anything. As part of a group that was forced to grow creatively faster than most idol groups, Xu Minghao was able to show his artistic maturity with this piece. He was heavily involved with all aspects of it and it is a direct reflection of himself and his talent.

The song touches on the darkness in his heart and mind and what it feels like. All the internal turmoil he’s been under during his career and how hard he tries to climb out of it.

The music video isn’t fancy but the simplicity is dauntingly beautiful and impactful. It feels very genuine and authentic to the artist himself. The choreography, the lighting, the camera, are all spot on. Xu Minghao is originally a b-boy but has been able to pick up contemporary dance quite well. Enjoy the video!

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