Welcome to Brown Sugar House 黑糖音樂房!

This blog first came about because many peoples’ impression of Chinese music is very old school and outdated while in reality there are hundreds of modern styles of mandopop that have a lot of similarities with what we listen to in the states. Many ABCs I know are often ashamed of their own culture and think that the music is perpetually like Chinese New Year everyday. I believe there’s really a lot of value in mandopop. In the states, many times the hottest music doesn’t feel quite thoughtful and instead very commercial but in the Chinese speaking countries in Asia, the most popular music are usually carefully crafted to the tiniest details in each song. You can’t get away with bad vocals no matter how catchy your songs are. If your lyrics are bad, your song will easily be overshadowed by another because good songwriting in Mandarin is highly looked upon.

While Korean and Japanese music both have a huge international presence, Chinese music falls short in that terms due to lack organized content and good branding, and frankly lack of interest on the producers’ side since Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong already generate a substantial amount of support internally.