[NEW RELEASES] 自由引力 Nine Point Eight – 盤旋Circling

Good morning Monday! I know Mondays are particularly hellish so we will be starting the day off ‘Circling盤旋’ about with 自由引力 Nine Point Eight and their upbeat spirit. Most of you have probably never heard of them. They are a Taiwanese pop/electronic band that debuted in 2015.

[NEW RELEASES] Z.TAO黃子韜 – Beggar

Z.TAO AKA Huang ZiTao, just released a new MV and this time he is a ‘Beggar’ for you~ Okay the lyrics of the chorus might be a little cringe for some people but I’m low key impressed.  Tao has always been mostly

[BROWN SUGAR PICKS] Ty. feat. Cyndi Wang王心凌 – 20

I bid you good night with 20 by Ty. and Cyndi Wang王心凌. This was totally random to me. I haven’t seen Cyndi Wang in a long time. She was definitely part of my mandopop childhood though. I don’t know Ty. but I really did enjoy the song and applaud him for being the creator of…