USA / CAN preferred, may consider other countries.
Not responsible for lost or damaged mail

– When you DM, please specify the card you want and card you have to trade.
– If you have less than 18 clickable story proofs, I may ask you to send first.
– I reserve the right to back out if I feel uncomfortable.
– When taking a video of the PC, please use a light source that is not your cell phone flash. Flash does not light a large enough surface area to vet the condition of an item.


I will provide:
1. video proof of card – please disclose any damage on an item when we’re trading, I will do the same. I usually will still trade but if you do not disclose, I may ask for my card back.
2. photo proof of address with
[pc in sealed toploader + thank you card] for you to confirm
3. video proof of card being sent out
– I ship 3 weekdays per week

You will be expected to provide the same kind of proofs
*Please tag story proofs when you receive the item.*

If you understand my terms, please DM me with the answer to the question below.

What is the minimum amount of clickable story proofs you need to have if you do not want to send first?

By committing to a trade, you are agreeing to follow the rules.
Thank you for reading, feel free to ask any questions!


– I am fairly accommodating when it comes to shipping days as I try to aim for same or similar day shipping.
– Feel free to offer trades not on my wishlists but I may reject if I feel that I will have a hard time trading them for a card I actually want.
– I try to be as responsive as I can once a conversation has been initiated. If you are busy, feel free to let me know, I don’t mind waiting, it just needs to be communicated.
– Trading with a country other than USA/CAN depends on how much I want an item and how many proofs you have.
– Lack of maturity and poor attitude may result in me backing out of the trade.
– I’m very flexible with my rules but please don’t take advantage or play games. =)