[BROWN SUGAR PICKS] Gen Neo 梁根荣 – 后退Retreat

Today I will be sharing a song from someone I have a huge amount of respect for but that I feel is just way too underrated, Singaporean artist, Gen Neo 梁根荣. He’s someone who normally stays behind the scenes, producing music for famous K-pop stars but in the last two years, he began to release his own music. He has his own distinct R&B style that fits well with his rich deep voice.

I usually separate stars into three categories, entertainers/idols, singers, artists. While there’s nothing wrong with either of them, each one just has an extra layer than the one before. Gen Neo is an artist that really thoughtfully puts his own music together. I can’t exactly fathom why he isn’t more well known. I often wonder maybe it’s not the best from a Mandopop artist to be based in South Korea due to more limited exposure but hey he do him.


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