[FEATURED PERFORMANCE] 譚維維Sitar Tan – 開門見山Straight Up


This is an old performance but regardless of time, 譚維維 Tan Wei Wei/Sitar Tan  will always succeed in blowing me away. Here is her ‘開門見山Straight Up’ performance from ‘我是歌手 3 I Am a Singer 3’ There are some songs that you hear being sung very often on TV shows, like ‘夜空中最亮的星The Brightest Star in the Sky’. It’s a safe song, maybe hard to make an amazing performance out of but relatively easy to sing decent, hard to screw up. And then you have songs like ‘Straight Up’ (which was originally sung by aMEI張惠妹 if that says anything about the level required) that easily scares even the best singers away. Not only is it difficult to hit the notes, you need weight in your voice and performance to hold together the song.

Not to mention in an already difficult song, Wei Wei manages to change it drastically from the original and added a bunch of new layers to it that requires shifting keys and hitting even higher notes.

Tan Wei Wei might not be the most popular singer out there but this woman has an absolutely insane range if you watch her other performance. In here her voice is thicker for the rocker vibe of this song but she can easily shift it to the kind of high pitch wailing techniques that’s more common from people of minority groups in China. This is thanks to her past training from a Tibetan teacher that pushed her range a lot further.

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