[OG vs COVER] 來自天堂的魔鬼 The Demon from Heaven

I know it’s natural for people to always love the original more than the covers. People feel a sense of superiority when they attach themselves to the OG. But in this case, I will shamelessly say that the performance version of ‘The Demon from Heaven來自天堂的魔鬼’ by (supposedly) Sam Lee李聖傑 is better than the original by G.E.M Tang 鄧紫棋. He performed it on the singing show ‘Masked Singer 蒙面唱將猜猜猜’.

I’ve heard the original from G.E.M before but didn’t really think much of it, in fact I completely forgot about it. While I think she’s an extremely great singer and musician I think her emotions and voice are a little static sometimes in her music. (Probably just my unpopular opinion) Her voice is very strong and thick but often times it doesn’t change that much. Not necessarily a bad thing but it’s like listening to a cello 24/7, as much as I love the cello, I can’t help but want a touch of violin or piano after around twenty hours.

When I came across this version by (let’s assume) Sam Lee, my ears perked up right at the first verse. I thought wow this song is so great, I’ve never heard of it before (even though I had). Interestingly enough I love everything but the chorus. I’m not a big fan of extensive english in Chinese music, especially when it’s repeating the same thing. But I digress, I thought his version was really awesome. There’s a lot of variety and layers to his voice and how he deals with each part. There are some high notes, that are easy to go off pitch but he did well in hitting them. Now of course it’s not a perfect live performance but hey I think the beauty of live performances is that they show the more human side of these super stars.

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